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Patrol Division

Division Commander

Captain Jeffrey Perez

Watch Commander (Days)
Lieutenant Sean Malone


Watch Commander (Nights)

Lieutenant Don Bankston


The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed officers with a wide range of responsibilities.  They are the initial response to any call of service received by our dispatch center.  The division is divided into two shifts (Day and Night) with a total of 4 squads.  Officers assigned to the division work 12 hr. shifts on a non-rotating basis.  Each squad is assigned officers with different certifications such as EMT, K-9, SWAT, Patrol Rifle and Field Training.  Each squad is supervised by a patrol sergeant and the shift is commanded by a lieutenant.


Officers have the latest technology at their disposal.  A live scan fingerprint system has been great addition for our police department.  The live scan fingerprint system has a direct link to the NJ State Police and has helped us identify criminals who provided false names and information.  Our patrol fleet is equipped with Mobile Video Recording systems and our department was one of the first in Burlington County to implement the use of Body Worn Cameras.

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