Chaplain Program

The Willingboro Police Department Chaplain Program is designed to help offer extra support to our residents who experience tragedy through crisis situations.  The chaplains will be able to provide assistance to officers in instances when tragic news has to be delivered and will offer guidance, assistance, emotional support and counseling to our residents who may be in family crisis.  One of the goals of the Willingboro Police Chaplain program is to form a mutual bond through partnered community service between the police department and police chaplains.  That community service could be through food drives, town hall “meet and greets” with the police department or other service oriented activities.


​​These are the current Willingboro Police Chaplains:

  • Chaplain Willie Shy- Head Chaplain
    Church: Trenton Church of Christ, Trenton, NJ


  • Chaplain Gary Haskins
    Church: Abundant New Life Ministries, Fieldsboro, NJ


  • Chaplain Emmanuel Onokalah
    Church: Lifegate Worship Center Int’l Inc., Willingboro, NJ 08046


  • Chaplain Joseph Dingle
    Church: The Remnant Ministries, Florence, NJ 


  • Chaplain Carlos Worthy
    Church: The Boro Church, 630 Beverly Rancocas Road, Willingboro, NJ 08046


  • Chaplain Stephen Watkins
    Church: Calvary Family Worship Center, Philadelphia, PA 


  • Chaplain Jeanette Brewer
    Church: Commissioned 2 Serve International Church, Sunset Rd., Willingboro, NJ

  • Chaplain Deidre Thompson
    Church: Change Church, 895 Rancocas Road, Westampton, NJ 08060


  • Chaplain Vivian Smallwood
    Church: The Family Church, 333 Preston Avenue, Voorhees, NJ


The Willingboro Police Chaplains are duly ordained clergy and are active participants in their current churches.  They are volunteers and serve in an on-call status with the police department. Each Police Chaplain has completed a Willingboro Police departmental in-service training which includes exposure to agency policies and procedures which include but is not limited to the Willingboro Police Department Internal Affairs Policy.  They have also attended and completed “The Police Chaplain Basic Training Program”.  The Police Chaplain Basic Training Program is a training program intended to prepare chaplains for their specialized work.  The program is designed to enhance a chaplain’s efficiency in meeting and dealing with people in crisis.

Our Police Chaplains have displayed a high level of dedication to the program and the residents of Willingboro Township even in its short existence.  We look forward to a long and continued partnership between the Willingboro Police Department and the members of our Police Chaplain Program.