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Chaplain Program

The Willingboro Police Department Chaplain Program is designed to help offer extra support to our residents who experience tragedy through crisis situations.  The chaplains will be able to provide assistance to officers in instances when tragic news has to be delivered and will offer guidance, assistance, emotional support and counseling to our residents who may be in family crisis.  One of the goals of the Willingboro Police Chaplain program is to form a mutual bond through partnered community service between the police department and police chaplains.  That community service could be through food drives, town hall “meet and greets” with the police department or other service oriented activities. Meet our current Chaplains:

Chaplain Shy

Head Chaplain

Chaplain Willie Shy

Trenton Church of Christ

Trenton, NJ 

Chaplain Haskins

Chaplain Gary Haskins

Abundant Life Ministries

Fieldsboro, NJ

Chaplain Worthy
Chaplain Onokalah
Chaplain Brewer

Chaplain Carlos Worthy

The Boro Church

Willingboro, NJ

Chaplain Emmanuel Onokalah

Lifegate Worship Center Int'l Inc.

Willingboro, NJ

Chaplain Jeanette Brewer

Commissioned 2 Serve

Willingboro, NJ

Chaplain Dingle

Chaplain Joseph Dingle

The Remnant Ministries

Florence, NJ

Chaplain Watkins

Chaplain Stephen Watkins

Calvary Family Worship Center

Philadelphia, PA

Chaplain Thompson

Chaplain Deidre Thompson

Change Church

Westampton, NJ

Chaplain Russ.jpg

Chaplain Vincent Russ

Delaware Valley Baptist Church

Willingboro, NJ

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