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Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Division Commander

Captain Erin Harry


Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Brandin Whitham



Detective Sergeant Sharif Hewlett

Detective Sergeant Jason Galiazzi

The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Captain Erin Harry and has three supervisors assigned to the unit.  The Division has a Lieutenant, 2 Detective Sergeants, 7 Detectives, 2 Police Officers and 2 civilian staff members.


The Criminal Investigations Division consists of two units of police detectives, police officers and civilian support staff that work toward the police department’s mission of making Willingboro a safe place to live and work.  This is accomplished by diligent follow-up investigation of assigned cases and proactive investigation on tips and information passed to the Division by concerned citizens.  Through these efforts we have resolved many issues the citizens of Willingboro have targeted as being detrimental to the quality of life in Willingboro.


The largest unit within the Criminal Investigations Division is the Case Detective Unit.  Under the direction of D/Sgt. Sharif Hewlett, this unit of five detectives is annually assigned between 1,000 and 1,200 cases for follow-up investigation.  In general, uniform patrol officers are the first to have contact with victims of crime.  These officers conduct the initial investigation and prepare reports for follow-up investigation by the Case Detective Unit.  Cases assigned include criminal mischief, missing persons, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, burglaries, robberies and murder.  Upon the successful completion of the detective’s investigation, suspects are arrested and a report is forwarded to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for review and trial.


The second unit within the Criminal Investigations Division is the Street Crimes Unit which is supervised by D/Sgt. Jason Galiazzi.  This unit of two detectives and two police officers is responsible for the monitoring of gang activity, the investigation of illegal activity by gang members, and the detection and apprehension of individuals affiliated with the manufacture, sale and transportation of illegal drugs within Willingboro.  When the Street Crimes Unit receives information of gang or narcotics activity, they set up surveillance to record and monitor the illegal activity at that location.  Once enough probable cause is obtained, an arrest of the suspect(s) can be made immediately or a search warrant is applied for and executed at a later date.  Upon execution of the search warrant the suspect(s) are arrested, the scene is processed, property is seized and all evidence and reports are submitted to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for trial.

The civilian staff members are the “face and voice” of the Detective Division.  They greet and assist citizens and members of other police agencies who call or enter the division each day. They are responsible for data entry, supply management and transcribing statements.

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