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Community Engagement Officer

Officer Landrum serves as the Community Engagement Officer for the Willingboro Township Police Department. The Community Engagement Officer is a newer position within the department which has been created because it is a priority of the Willingboro Township Police Department to develop effective relationships with our residents and enhance their quality of life within our community. The primary responsibility of the Community Engagement Officer is to develop, coordinate and present programs to the public and partner with existing agencies and local groups to promote safety, community unity and reduce crime.

Officer Landrum is a resident of Willingboro Township who received her primary education through the Willingboro Township public school system. Upon graduating from Willingboro High School, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Stockton University in Pomona, New Jersey.  Officer Landrum returned to Willingboro Township after earning her degree and took the Law Enforcement Exam through the Civil Service Commission with aspirations of becoming a police officer in her hometown.  She was hired as a Willingboro Township police officer in 2003 after successfully completing the Burlington County Police Academy.


Throughout her career in the police department she has instructed the D.A.R.E and G.R.E.A.T programs to Willingboro Township youth. She is also a Field Training Officer responsible for the training of newly hired police officers. Officer Landrum is also part of the Chaplain Unit, which consists of ordained community members of different faiths that provide support for police officers and community members during times of crisis. In her new role as the Community Engagement Officer, Officer Landrum is excited to collaborate with the community and other agencies to further strengthen social bonds and provide quality public service.


Ofc. Sally Landrum

Supervising Sergeant: Sgt. C. Hankey

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