Crime Prevention

The Willingboro Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is dedicated to providing residents with the very best information and resources to assist in preventing crime before it occurs.  In addition, the Crime Prevention Unit coordinates many of the public functions and demonstrations that our police officers participate in;  an integral part of our commitment to maintaining positive community relations.

To contact the Crime Prevention Office, please call (609) 877-2200 x1065.

Listed below are links providing information on various crime prevention topics.



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FBI Fraud Alert


Identity Theft - Division of Taxation

Identity Theft Resource Center

Data Breach Notifications

Vehicle Theft Prevention

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For additional information on how to fight fraud, click the image below to be directed to the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs Anti-Fraud Toolkit.

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Residents should be extremely cautious when receiving phone calls stating that they owe money to the IRS or that a relative is arrested and they need to provide a large sum of money to an attorney to ensure their release.


The IRS initiates contact with people via mail.  They do not cold call a person in an attempt to extort money from them.  Please do not accept calls from someone who states that they are an attorney and needs immediate money for court proceedings especially if it is from out of state.


Lastly, if anyone asks for payment in the form of "gift cards" or another type of crypto currency do not comply with their wishes.  Unfortunately several residents have fallen victim to these scams over the past year.  Most of the people involved in these scams operate outside of the state or in some cases out of the country, which makes it very hard to investigate.  If something feels funny then it probably is, contact the police department first before proceeding with any telephone or internet based requests.