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Lieutenant Robert Parton


Lieutenant Robert Parton was born and raised in Willingboro.  At the age of 16, Lt. Parton served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and as a volunteer as a firefighter with Willingboro Fire Department and EMS. 

Lt. Parton began his career in law enforcement career serving as a Class II officer in the summer of 2002 in Wildwood NJ.  He then served as a Sheriff’s Officer from October 2002 to October 2003 where he was hired by the Willingboro Police Department.  He graduated the Burlington County Police academy in early 2004 and served as a patrol officer.  During that time as a patrol officer, Lt. Parton served as the departments lead instructor for CPR/First aide, head radar instructor and headed the project for new mobile video

cameras for the patrol vehicles.  Lt. Parton was awarded Officer of the Year for the department in 2014 as he conducted multiple investigations for robberies and investigated the luring of a child which led to numerous arrests and long-term prison sentences.  Lt Parton also served and helped train and run the department's Field Training Officer program training new officers after the police academy. 

Lt. Parton was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in December of 2016 while serving as the front-line Supervisor for the patrol division on both day and night shifts.  During that time Lt. Parton also took on the responsibility of Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC Officer) and overseeing training and re-certifying officers for the State Police and FBI’s NCIC databases for missing persons, wanted persons, criminal histories, and background checks.  Lt. Parton also served as a liaison with the IT department helped and lead the department in upgrading our laptops and desktop computers keeping up to date with the latest technology.  Lt. Parton also served as the trainer when Burlington County upgraded to the newest police reporting system. 


Lt. Parton, grew up in Willingboro and played sports in town.  He deeply cares about sports and the life lessons learned through teamwork. Lt. Parton has coached basketball in the Rancocas Valley recreational leagues as well as serving as a coach, assistant coach, and board member for the Willingboro Police Athletic League (PAL) for several years now.   


Lt. Parton was moved to the Records Bureau where he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in January 2022. 

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