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Lieutenant Don Bankston


Lt. Don Bankston is a proud Willingboro native and graduate of Willingboro High School. Lt. Bankston’s law enforcement career was a second career. He was a truck driver for almost 10 years. While most law enforcement officers have stories that depict careers starting from military backgrounds or family roots deeply entrenched in law enforcement; Lt. Bankston always dreamed of being in law enforcement and created paths to ensure when the opportunity came, he would be ready to serve. 

Lt. Bankston was a graduate of the 89th Class from the Burlington County Police Academy. After graduation, Lt. Bankston joined the Willingboro Police Department as a patrolman in 2005. In his patrolman rank, Lt. Bankston received the Spotlight Officer

Award, unit citations, and commendations. During his time as a patrol officer he served as SWAT Team member, Juvenile Officer, School Resource Officer, Youth Police Academy Instructor, Defensive Tactic instructor, Motorcycle Officer, Active Shooter Instructor, Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E Instructor and a host of other accomplishments at the patrol officer rank. Lt. Bankston was one of five Motorcycle Officers to receive a perfect score at Philadelphia Highway Patrol motorcycle school. He also competed in two motorcycle skill shows where he earned two top 3 placings. In May of 2012, he was awarded Lawmen of The Year, by the Knights of Columbus. Lt. Bankston earned an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice in 2014 from Burlington County College.


Lt. Bankston was promoted to Day Shift Sergeant in May of 2019; where he provided the necessary support and guidance to his shift and community. As well as, strived to be a role model for newer officers and continued to foster strong relationships within the department and community. In 2019, he received the Emmitt Smith Law Enforcement Award. October of 2020, Lt. Bankston was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division as Detective Sergeant. In this role, he supervised the Street Crimes Unit comprised of detectives and patrol officers. In this role he was responsible for the investigation of gang activity, investigation of illegal drug sale/manufacture, the processing of civilian firearm background checks, and overseeing the departments evidence function. In 2021, he was certified as the department’s Resiliency Officer. 

Lt. Bankston was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in May 2022. He is currently assigned to the Patrol Division as the Night Watch Commander. 

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